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This argument has gained favor among Christian apologists in an attempt to strengthen the Gospel tradition by asserting that the Gospels do still contain independent accounts of the life of Jesus, as was believed prior to the outlining of the Synoptic Problem, which showed that, unlike the traditional belief, at least the Gospels of Matthew and Luke were not independent accounts, and thus not eyewitness accounts.

Lynn Nathan Hope you are getting some fun time in too. If you never been to one of Marks concerts you need to go. I'd also come to see you in Florida if I wasn't housebound up here in Tennessee. also had the liar song (i think thats what it was called) anyway.... would love to hear that version again, and have it. FL's just gettin' a good dose of YOU this weekend, huh, Mark?! Did I just give you an idea for another "comedy" album/video?!

Thanks for some help, sincerely, Terri Priscilla Bacon-Thompson YAAAAAY! Even if I don't win the live Face Time thing, I'll still be watchin' anyway, no matter what, 'cuz that's just how much I love y'all!

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke are directly based on the Gospel of Mark, and this is now widely accepted among Biblical scholars.

Because of this, these three Gospels, Mark, Matthew, and Luke, are collectively known as the Synoptic Gospels.

Elizabeth Anderson Love to hear you in person but I'm one of those Church of Christers so I listen to you on Youtube instead. 😉💜Lynn Nathan Florida is sure getting blessed this weekend. With you I understand the statement "when people see you, they should see Christ". which to me is right up there as one of the best versions ever.

Sheree A Wilson-Harmon My son, daughter-in-law and I attended this show last night. Not only is a truly funny guy his singing will bring joy and blessings to your life. You were truly a blessing that I needed in my life. I'm praying for you to have a great time of worship and fun, and for your health, safety, and travel mercies. Suzan Norwood By the way, I'm about to watch this morning's church service from Grace Church. Just got TOTALLY blessed a little while ago by watchin' your church live, and I must say, you have an excellent pastor! Prayin' they see Him through you as so many already have over the past 30 years! Thank you SO MUCH for being so faithful to Him for so long! "Laughter of Mark Lowry: Good for whatever ail's ya!

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